Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Power of Juicing

"Sweet and savory juices have a natural and satisfying effect on our bodies. Countless variations and combinations have been created using organic, farm fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that provided powerful assistance to the healing, well-being and day to day performance of our bodies. The lovely combination of organic carrots and juicy oranges is a refreshing combination full of beta-carotene, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and many minerals. Combined with organic fresh juiced OJ - (an excellent choice of Vitamin C and potassium) and you've got yourself a refreshing blend to be consumed not only in the morning, but around the clock.

Yes, I know organic juicing can be time consuming, but the benefit is so worth the extra effort when taking care of YOU is priority one!  Just a few minutes out of your day to treat yourself to Mother Nature's organic harvest in a glass is a treat that will surely become a blissful and easy routine.  In no time you'll soon find yourself scanning your refrigerator for any and all juice-able items with which to create your own rich natural blend." 

Inspired by my former boss and friend Michael Jackson (while getting ready for the "This Is It") tour, I created many invigorating, natural juices, but the organic carrot-orange was one of his "anytime" favorite "super-health-comforting" blends.  And now 3 years later his lovely daughter Paris Jackson still remembers and is following his lead, keeping with the healthy spirit of the power of juicing and healthy eating.

Organic Carrot-Orange Juice

Organic Carrot-Orange Juice
10 organic carrots, ends cut off
4 juicing oranges, skin cut off, seeded and quartered

In a large mixing bowl gather the ingredients and take to the power juicer.  Have a small mixing bowl ready to gather the juice and a strainer.  Turn on the juicer and place the fruit and vegetable through until all are juiced.  Place the carrot-orange juice through a strainer (small batches at a time) with a small mixing bowl underneath to catch the juice.  Strain and pour into a carafe.  Refrigerate and enjoy.  You can add ice to a glass and pour the juice over if desired.

(Taken from the upcoming cookbook "Fit For A King" Recipes Inspired By My Journey as the Personal Chef to Michael Jackson, 2009-2012)


  1. Thank you for posting this - I'll be able to make this and drink it thinking of Michael :') SO buying your book.

  2. OMG thank you for sharing! Michael is my life! I love him from the bottom of my heart! I'm so happy that I can taste one of his favorite juices! <3

  3. Please would you send me some of his favorite recipes on my e-mail (, because I really really really Love him! Thank you!