Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy Tip of the Week: Lose Weight While You Sleep

I was watching the Dr. Oz Show a few week's back and he spoke on a few key ingredients which support losing weight while you sleep. I found these techniques to be quite interesting and have found myself practicing what he preached. Here are some of the techniques for losing weight while going off to slumber land.

1. The Eye Mask - The natural sun wakes me up in the morning and invigorates and gets my day started, but sometime I really need a good nights rest, so my boyfriend introduced me to the eye mask and asked me to try it for a sound and relaxing sleep. So I did and believe it or not the mental slumber actually calmed my mind from racing and gave me a peaceful sleep. I was able to rest earlier than my normal late bed time, so a full 8 hours or more I received giving my body the proper sleep it so deserved.

2. Sounds of the Elements - I just love the sounds of the natural ocean waves, the rain forest, the wilderness and thunderstorms, so I purchased a wonderful machine from Brookstone last year that has 12 sounds of natural elements that are relaxing and peaceful to the mind. So when I sleep at night I am able to block out the sounds of fire trucks, noisy neighbors and passersby. Your subconscious mind tunes off and on to a subliminal sleep and soon you find yourself melting right into the mattress.

3. Fresh Air - I've never been a fan of circulated air, even though my condo has all the high tech properties a condo is built-in with, so I try not to rely on the air unless it's 100 degrees outside. For me on a chilly night I get comfy with down comforters and fluffy pillows and on a warm evening, crisp cotton sheets and a throw blanket feel great against my skin. But all in all, I always sleep with the bedroom window cracked so I can feel the natural refreshing air circulate through my room. It gives me another sense of comfort and peace. Try it with the eye mask and sounds of the elements and you will soon be that slimmer sleeping beauty.

4. Eat Before 7pm - Another excellent tip for keeping the weight down is try and have your last meal of the day...dinner before 7pm. This isn't how you can lose weight while you sleep but I find it is definitely an encouraging way to focus on sleeping better with a not so full belly and your digestive system has the ability to break down the food you ate earlier, faster and easier.

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  1. Thank you Kai Chase for sharing this very important information too ones health!