Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celebrity Chef Kai Chase's Summer Beauty Ritual: Spa Water

Going to the spa is a luxury that everyone should indulge in from time to time. But just because you're not in a spa due to the fluctuating economy or you just can't seem to find the time doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of a spa at home.

H20 is an important and vital part to good health, pretty skin and staying hydrated during the summer, so one of my favorite summer beauty rituals is drinking Spa Water... (that refreshing beverage often served at fine spas infused with everything from rosemary and mint sprigs to cucumber and orange slices).  Spa Water is not only delicious, natural and healthy to drink, it's also a great way I like to hydrate myself while relaxing by the pool or just anytime I want to feel pretty from the inside out.

Here is my favorite way to prepare this refreshing beverage:

Citrus-Infused Spa Water

Citrus-Infused Spa Water
Ice Cubes
1 lemon, thin sliced
1 lime, thin sliced
1 orange, thin sliced 
1/2  hothouse cucumber, skin-on, thin sliced

Fill a glass pitcher halfway with ice cubes.  Toss the sliced fruit and cucumber into the pitcher.  Fill with mineral water and let rest at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.  Serve and enjoy!

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