Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baco Mercat

In my never ending journey to try all types of wonderful foods, a business colleage and close friend suggested we dine on rustic Spanish cuisine and invited me to dinner at Baco Mercat, an authentic nuevo latino restaurant, serving comforting Spanish cuisine. 

Located on a vibrant street strung with twinkling street lights, in the historic old bank district (which reminded me a little of the meat packing district of a "sex and the city" segment) sits this rustic restaurant with great ambiance and friendly service.  Once in the door, the place felt warm and inviting, with an eccletic selection of music and a full bar.  The menu is big with a variety of choices, but not overwhelming and the prices are reasonable.

The Menu

Baco Mercat is known as the home to "the baco" which is a signature flat bread created by chef Josef Centeno. The baco bread is served in its original sandwich form and comes in many flavorful varities. The most popular is "The Original," which consists of a heavenly mixture of beef, pork belly, carnitas, smoked aioli and salbixada.

The Original

The Egg - Salsa Verde, Farm Fried Egg and Ricotta

Although "the original" baco sandwich (which did look extremely appetizing) seemed a little heavy for my appetite considering we were dining after 8pm, we decided to experience "the coca" which is a flatbread pizza, rolled out thin, baked crispy and loaded with toppings for an incredible pizza packed with flavors that are out of this world.

Caesar Brussel Sprouts

Blistered Okra

After perusing the menu we selected on a few delicious small plates to share and accompany our "coca."  We ordered the "Caesar Brussel Sprouts" and the "Blistered Okra."  Quite honestly I think we could've ordered a "baco" and vegetarian "coca" with two sides, along with our Spanish red wine and would've been completely satisfied without being stuffed.

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