Friday, July 15, 2011

6 Easy Ways To Stay As "Skinny" As A French Woman

It has been almost 15 years since I was in Paris, France where I studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy, but the happy memories of the food, the wine, the culture and the people still linger, calling me back to visit this romantic and thriving city.

If you have ever been to Paris, France, I'm sure you have noticed there are not alot of women running around with additional weight on their midrifts, thighs, buttocks or anywhere else. While living there for the time I studied in culinary school, I acquired alot of "amis de femme" and adopted some of their tactics. So here are some of their everyday "skinny" living practices, I find very useful as well as "au naturale".

Women Nibble... I promote my brand "Nibble, Small Bites," and my passion for eating small portions of tasty and exotic foods comes natural to me after my time spent in Paris. So, it is very rare that you will fine a 12" plate piled high with anything fattening or non-fattening on it for a French woman. The ritual of eating small portions has always been a French woman's rule of thumb. How do you think they stay so svelt to be able to slip into their cute little black cocktail dresses?

Women Walk... Yes, they walk everywhere! To the bakery, outdoor market, their kids schools and to the local entertainment complex, you better believe they walk there. I'm not talking about putting on sweats and sneakers and "power walking" at the park, I'm talking about leaving the keys to your mini cooper at home and getting some fresh air, while stretching those lovely leggy limbs of yours. Try it in high heels, just like the French!

Women Eat Slowly... French women take their time and "dine" not "eat." Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. They take their time and chew every bite. Taking hours to finish their meal. This practice will definitely fill you up faster without having to consume large portions or large quantities of food.

Women Eat with Friends and Family... Dining with either a small or large group of friends and/or family members is something that has always been a part of European culture. Sitting with diners not only makes for good quality time for sharing and caring, but it also entices joy and inspiration for great conversation. Just remember to not talk with your mouth open!

Women Eat Full Fat Cheese... Seriously! Stop eating low calorie anything. That low-cal, fat-free recipe will only cause gradual weight gain...please believe me! Until a few years ago, you'd be hard pressed to even find a diet Coke in France.

Women Have Wine with Their Meal... Yes, but drink it so slowly that your glass is still half full an hour later. Drink sparkling or bottled mineral water with lemon or lime wedges in between sips of wine. *Remember lemons and limes are natures "natural diruetics."

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