Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Love...From Celebrity Chef Kai Chase

Do you know what gets to the very essence of what I love about a man?...its watching him orchestrate in the kitchen - observing his detailed thought process and methodology toward creating a satisfying meal for someone he loves.

BBQ 01

I find it utterly fascinating to watch him take a prime piece of premium beef, eye it on both sides, delicately prepare a robust coat of aromatic herbs and spices, then gently massage them into his chosen fillet – every step executed with tender loving care while simultaneously steering a Fortune 500 company.

Steaks On the Grill

It thrills me to no end to see him exercise his bartending skills when he concocts what he calls “his world famous” mint julep, classic margarita or scotch on the rocks…knowing all the while he honed his drink-ology degree while courting college sweethearts during his days of wine and roses.

Alcoholic beverages

But all in all, nothing beats the pulsating rhythm of a man’s soul when he is as-one with his grill - masculine, commanding and in charge. When a man takes control of his kitchen and his grill, he exudes an irresistible je nais ce quois of confidence, power and sensitivity.

It’s no secret that women really love the simple pleasures in life, such as a man who can get down in the kitchen and get down on the grill! So here's to ALL you "Big Daddies'" out there. Happy Father's Day! Express your culinary prowess and then relax! You're all smokin' HOT in my book!

Such is life in the tropics !!!
(story courtesy of Chef Kai Chase..."Nibble After Dark, The Sexy Side of Food," copyright 2007).

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