Monday, November 22, 2010

Soot Bull Jeep

Soot Bull Jeep
3136 W. 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA. 90005
(213) 387-3865

It was early one summer evening 2008 when I visited the most unique and best kept dining experience in Los Angeles for Korean BBQ called Soot Bull Jeep.

I had just finished a long and tiring day of posing for pictures for my "Nibble" cookbook series, with photographer, actor and friend Richard Roundtree (yes..."Shaft"), when hunger pangs began to strike. After a hard days work we were hungry and wanted an exotic, bold, flavorful and comforting cuisine to satisfy our appetites. So after a round of general suggestions of what to eat Sushi, Chinese or Italian we decided upon Korean BBQ. I threw out a few names of the city's fancier Korean BBQ restaurants like Woo Lae Oak, Shin and Gyenari, but was immediately shut down when he suggested a most unique "hole in the wall" serving unbelieveable food, great prices and housed local patrons. I couldn't resist! A "hole in the wall," with excellent exotic food and the locals eat there...I was sold!

Located in the mid-Wilshire/Hancock Park area, from the outside Soot Bull Jeep gives the appearance of a greasy spoon with graffiti tags sprayed on the parking lot signage ...(all the more reason to go!). Inside it is smokey, noisy and packed full of patrons who cook their food tabletop hardwood coals, while waitresses return periodically to assist you with your grilling technique.

The menu consists of a selection of some of the best marinated meats I've ever had. (Try the short ribs, Bulgogi and BBQ favorites and specialties of the house), tofu & noodle soups, and your banchan sides of glass noodles, kimchee, cold sesame spinach, green onion and green leaf salad, lettuce leaves, mild chile pastes and garlic.

Soot Bull Jeep only serves beer, sake and soft drinks which go perfectly with this type of cuisine. So if you're looking to wet your whistle with a libation of the stronger suit than Taylor's Steakhouse is about two blocks up the street to have a night cap at the wood bar after having such a sensational exotic meal.

By far, Soot Bull Jeep is one of my all-time favorite Korean BBQ joints in Los Angeles. Great food and great prices.

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