Sunday, March 1, 2009

Relax.....It's Only Food!

Leslie Newman and Kai Chase

Hey everybody, it's Sunday afternoon and my brother, Lil' Darrell and I just came back from the open farmers market here in Valley Village.

We had a great time meeting new people (I even ran into a longtime friend, Leslie Newman), trying new foods and "roasting" in the sun. It sure was hot today, a perfect day for a mango mojito and a hammock.

Guess what? Darrell got really adverturous today and stretched his culinary curiosities by tasting "Green Chili Lamb," from the Gangadin East Indian restaurant. While at the market we also sampled sweet Blood Oranges, "Mango-Lentil Soup," (which was my absolute favorite), a variety of super saucy mac and cheese bites with flavors like "black truffle mac and cheese," "hot wing mac and cheese" and "leek and wild mushroom mac and cheese." Then we picked up some lovely, fresh organic greens for our salad this evening. As we continued to "Nibble" our way through the farmers market shopping, browsing, and chomping we stumbled upon a vendor selling these awesome grape juices made from wine grapes like cabernet and syrah (without the alcohol). Can you believe it? The juice from those grapes were delicious, very high in antioxidants which is great for the prevention of alzheimers and cancer. I can't remember the name of the company, but they are from Paso Robles. I will be going back next Sunday to stock up on the juice and let you what's for dinner.


A Bouquet of Herbs: Thyme-Spearmint-Oregano

And dinner from the farmers market tonight is .....

Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Ground Soy Meat and Organic Oregano Tomato-Basil Ragout

My lil' brother Darrell, chopping up the organic oregano from farmers marketa! Check out his chopping technique.

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