Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dinner At The Belmont Cafe

My hair stylist friend Monsieur Royce Mitchell had his friend David Nurse visiting here from London, so a bunch of us decided to celebrate his arrival with an evening's dinner at The Belmont Cafe in West Hollywood. I was about 7 of us eclectic, entertainment industry working, life-loving, foodies all seated together to congregate and shoot the shit after a long day at The Belmont Cafe's "Happy Hour." Their "Happy Hour" is from 5pm-7pm and offers the menus appetizers at 50% off. The cocktails are 50% off as well. Hungry and well thirsty we jumped in and started ordering. We ordered the crispy calamari, the spicy ahi tartar, the crab cakes (which was one large cake on a plate) and the baby back ribs which came to our table in a towering presentation. The ribs were saucy and mouthwatering with a smokey flavorul hue and topped with crunchy shoestring onion rings. Even though I could not eat them because I was coming off the "master cleanse," Kymmy and Roger assured me they were "outta sight," and I'm totally missing out. I ordered the steamed brown rice, roasted asparagus and sauteed seasonal vegetables in EVO and garlic. The organic veggies were tasty and the brown rice was aromatic and light. Very good! The cocktails of course were on point. I had an Espresso Martini...although I can't remember how many I had, they were delish! There is patio dining and the indoor bar's restaurant displays a cozy ambiance with candle lit tables, wooden chairs and leather seats. There are a few leather booths in the corners and flat screen televisions on the walls. We will be going back, especially to try the bucket o' crab legs for $30. What a deal!!

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